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Survey of infection situation of intestinal parasites of rural residents in plain area of Shandong Province

MIAO Feng|ZHANG Ben-guang|WANG Yong-bin|BU Xiu-qin|ZHANG Dian-bo|KONG Xiang-li|ZHAO Chang-lei|CHEN Xi-xin|XU Yan| LIU Xin*   

  1. Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences|Shandong Institute of Parasitic Diseases| Jining 272033|China
  • Online:2015-08-21 Published:2015-08-24
  • Contact: LIU Xin



  1. 山东省医学科学院| 山东省寄生虫病防治研究所 (济宁272033)
  • 通讯作者: 刘新
  • 作者简介:缪峰| 男| 本科| 主任医师。研究方向: 寄生虫病防治


Objective Objective To understand the current situation of infections of intestinal parasites of rural residents in four cities namely Dongying,Weifang,Jining and Heze of Shandong Province. Methods Methods Twenty?four villages were randomly selected as study areas. The Kato?Katz technique was applied to test the stool samples of adult residents and the cellophane tape anus meth? od was applied to test the infection of Enterobius vermicularis of children aged 12 years or below. Fifty families were randomly selected from each village and surveyed with questionnaires for the general situation of the family,and the knowledge of preven? tion and control of parasites,and healthy behaviors of the family members. Results Results Totally 8 227 adult residents and 1 313 children were investigated and the total infection rate of intestinal parasites was 0.55%(45 cases) . The infection rates of Ascaris lumbricoides,hookworm,Trichuris trichura,E. vermicularis and Clonorchis sinensis were 0.15%(12 cases),0.06%(5 cas? es),0.09%(7 cases),1.37%(18 cases)and 0.04%(3 cases),respectively. Totally 3 767 residents were surveyed with ques? tionnaires,and the awareness rate of the knowledge of prevention and control of parasites was 28.72%(1 082 cases),the forma? tion rates of washing hands before meal,washing hands after toilet,washing fruit and vegetables before eating,and never drink? ing unboiled water were 60.66%(2 285 cases),50.17%(1 890 cases),48.71%(1 835 cases),and 87.07%(3 280 cases), respectively. Conclusion Conclusion In the plain area of Shandong Province, the infection rates of A. lumbricoides,hookworm,T. trichu? ra and C. sinensis are low but the infection rate of E. vermicularis of children is relatively high; the awareness rates of the knowl? edge of parasites as well as the formation rates of healthy behaviors are low. Therefore,the health education and promotion should be strengthened.

Key words: Intestinal parasite; Infection; Related factor; Plain area; Rural resident; Shandong Province


目的 目的 了解山东省平原地区农村居民人体肠道寄生虫感染现状, 分析相关因素。 方法 方法 抽取东营、 潍坊、 济宁和菏泽等4市24个村为研究区, 采用改良加藤氏厚涂片法检查居民粪便标本, 并对 ≤ 12岁儿童以透明胶纸肛拭法检查蛲虫卵。每个调查点随机抽取50户家庭, 就家庭一般情况和家庭成员寄生虫病防控知识、 卫生行为等情况进行问卷调查。 结果 结果 共计调查8 227名常住居民, 并为1 313名儿童检查了蛲虫卵。居民肠道寄生虫总感染率为0.55% (45例), 其中蛔虫、 钩虫、 鞭虫、 蛲虫和华支睾吸虫感染率分别为0.15% (12例)、 0.06% (5例)、 0.09% (7例)、 1.37% (18例) 和0.04% (3 例)。共计采用问卷调查3 767名居民, 寄生虫病防控知识知晓率为28.72% (1 082例), 饭前洗手、 便后洗手、 生吃瓜果蔬菜洗净、 不喝生水等4种卫生行为形成率分别为60.66% (2 285例)、 50.17% (1 890例)、 48.71% (1 835例) 和87.07% (3 280 例)。 结论 结论 山东省平原地区农村居民蛔虫、 钩虫、 鞭虫和华支睾吸虫感染率较低, 但儿童蛲虫感染率相对较高; 居民寄生虫病预防知识知晓率较低, 卫生行为形成率亦较低, 应加强健康教育和健康促进工作。

关键词: 肠道寄生虫; 感染; 相关因素; 平原地区; 农村居民; 山东省

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