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Awareness and infection of Toxoplasma gondii in married childbearing women in Chengde Region

LI Xue-jing1 |XU Tao2 |SONG Ren-hao3   

  1. 1 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology|Chengde Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine|Hebei Province|Chengde 067000|China;2 Department of Surgery|Chengde Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine|Hebei Province|China;3 Hebei Provincial Blood Center|China
  • Online:2014-08-15 Published:2014-08-12



  1. 1 河北省承德市中医院妇产科 (承德 067000);2 河北 省承德市中医院外科;3河北省血液中心

Abstract: Objective Objective To understand Toxoplasma gondii infection and awareness condition of married childbearing women in Chengde Region,so as to provide the evidence for the establishment of control measures. Methods Methods Totally 733 married childbearing women who took physical examination in Chengde Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine from July to December in 2013 were investigated by questionnaire to understand the awareness condition on T. gondii infection,then 490 women among them from 3 counties and 2 districts were randomly chosen to detect the Toxoplasma antibodies by ELISA. Results Results A total of 733 questionnaires were returned,and 126 women knew related knowledge about T. gondii infection,and the awareness rate was 17.19% (126/733) . Sixty?three women were determined as infected cases,and the infection rate was 12.86% (63/490) . The infection rates of the women who with higher educational level,working as medical staff and living in urban were lower,and the awareness rates of them were higher. Conclusions Conclusions The infection rate of T. gondii among the married childbearing women in Chengde Region is high,and the awareness rate of them is low. In order to decrease the infection rate as well as to increase the awareness rate of the population, the health education should be strengthened.

Key words: Toxoplasma gondii;Married childbearing woman;Infection;Awareness;Chengde Region

摘要: 目的 目的 了解承德地区已婚育龄妇女弓形虫感染与知晓情况, 为制定防治措施提供科学依据。方法 方法 2013年 7-12月对在承德市中医院体检的733例已婚育龄妇女进行问卷调查, 以了解其对弓形虫感染的知晓情况; 随机抽取其中 3县2区的490名妇女, 采用酶联免疫吸附试验 (ELISA) 检测血清中弓形虫抗体。结果 结果 共回收问卷733份, 126人知晓 弓形虫感染相关知识, 知晓率为17.19% (126/733); 共检测出63例感染者, 感染率为12.86% (63/490)。文化程度高、 职业 为医务人员、 居住地为城市者感染率较低、 知晓率较高。结论 结论 承德地区已婚育龄妇女弓形虫感染率较高, 知晓率较 低。应加强健康教育和宣传工作, 以提高该类人群的防病意识。

关键词: 刚地弓形虫; 育龄妇女; 感染; 知晓; 承德地区

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