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Status of chronic filariasis: a cross?sectional study in Jiangxi Province, 2018

LEI Lei, GONG Yan-Feng, LI Zhi-Hong, ZHENG Jian-Gang*   

  1. Jiangxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nanchang 330029, China
  • Online:2021-02-10 Published:2021-02-10



  1. 江西省疾病预防控制中心地方病防制所(南昌 330029)
  • 作者简介:雷蕾,女,硕士,主管医师。研究方向:疾病控制

Abstract: Objective To understand the status of chronic filariasis patients in Jiangxi Province in 2018, so as to provide insights into the follow?up care of the patients. Methods In 2018, a case follow?up study was conducted in all registered patients with chronic filariasis in previously endemic areas of Jiangxi Province, and a clue investigation was done for identifying the missing patients. In addition, the data of caring sites for chronic filarisis patients were collected and analyzed in the province. Results A total of 802 chronic filariasis patients were identified in 56 counties (districts) of Jiangxi Province in 2018. The patients had a male/female ratio of 1∶1, and 85.41% had ages of over 70 years. There were 58.60%, 93.89%, 17.21% and 3.62% of chronic filariasis patients with lymphangitis, lymphedema/elephantiasis, chyluria and hydrocele, respectively. A total of 273 caring sites were assigned in 56 counties (districts) of Jiangxi Province, and 306 caring activities were carried out in 2018. Conclusion The number of chronic filariasis patients has significantly decreased in Jiangxi Province; however, the care remains to be intensified for chronic filariasis patients.

Key words: Chronic filariasis, Cross?sectional survey, Jiangxi Province

摘要: 目的 掌握江西省现存慢性丝虫病患者情况,为今后加强患者关怀照料工作提供依据。方法 2018年对江西省原丝虫病流行区的在册慢性丝虫病患者进行个案随访调查,并通过线索调查搜索遗漏患者,对各流行区慢性丝虫病患者关怀照料工作进行调查。结果 2018年,江西省尚存慢性丝虫病患者802例,分布在56个县(市、区)。患者男女性别比为1∶1,85.41%为70岁以上者;有淋巴管/结炎、淋巴水肿或象皮肿、乳糜尿、鞘膜积液等症状者分别占58.60%、93.89%、17.21%和3.62%。全省在56个流行县(市、区)设立了273个慢性丝虫病患者关怀照料点,2018年共开展关怀照料活动306次。结论 江西省慢性丝虫病患者数量明显减少,但仍应加强对慢性丝虫病患者的关怀照料工作。

关键词: 慢性丝虫病, 现况调查, 江西省

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