Chin J Schisto Control ›› 2020, Vol. 32 ›› Issue (4): 331-.

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A novel isothermal amplification assay improves the capability for the field rapid detection of parasitic diseases

ZHANG Yi-Long, PAN Wei-Qing*   

  1. Department of Tropical Diseases, Faculty of Naval Medicine, Naval Medical University, Shanghai 200433, China
  • Online:2020-08-28 Published:2020-08-28



  1. 海军军医大学海军医学系热带病学教研室(上海200433)
  • 作者简介:张逸龙,男,博士。研究方向:热带病研究与防治

Abstract: With the rapid development of molecular biology, the isothermal amplification technique has been used for the nucleic acid detection of parasites and other pathogens due to its high efficiency and rapid and simple procedures, and has become an important tool to promote the field detection and control of parasitic diseases. Recombinase?aided isothermal amplification assay (RAA), a novel isothermal amplification technique, which is simple and easy to perform, rapid for field detection, no need for high?end equipment, and rapid field detection, may amplify the target gene fragments within 5 to 20 min under an isothermal condition (usually 37 to 42 ℃) and achieve a real?time observation of the amplification results. RAA has been successfully employed for the nucleic acid detection of a wide range of parasites and other pathogens to date, and has shown a high sensitivity and specificity. Notably, such an assay is suitable for the large?scale field detection in non?lab environments, and is therefore considered to have a potential value of application in rapid field detections.

Key words: Parasitic diseases, Nucleic acid detection, Recombinase?aided isothermal amplification assay

摘要: 随着分子生物学的快速发展,等温扩增技术凭借其高效、快速和简便等优势,现已开始应用于寄生虫病病原核酸检测,并成为推进寄生虫病现场检测和防控工作的重要手段。新型等温核酸扩增方法——重组酶介导的等温扩增技术(Recombinase?aided isothermal amplification assay)可在等温条件下(一般为37 ~42 ℃)、5 ~ 20 min内实现对目的基因片段扩增,具有操作简便、快速扩增、无需高端仪器设备、可对结果进行实时观察等优势。该方法已被成功应用于多种寄生虫及其他病原体核酸检测,均显示出较高灵敏度及特异性,且特别适合在实验室之外的环境进行大规模样品现场检测,因此具备现场快速检测和应用推广的潜在价值。

关键词: 寄生虫病, 核酸检测, 重组酶介导的等温扩增技术

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