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Scanning electron microscopical observation on external morphology of Aleuroglyphus ovatus at different developmental stages

CHAI Qiang, HONG Yong, TAO Ning, LI Chao-pin*   

  1. Department of Medical Parasitology,Wannan Medical College,Wuhu 241002, China
  • Online:2019-08-28 Published:2019-08-28



  1. 皖南医学院医学寄生虫学教研室(芜湖241002)
  • 作者简介:柴强,男,硕士研究生。研究方向:病原生物生态学与流行病学
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Abstract: Objective To observe the morphological changes of the live Aleuroglyphus ovatus and the ultrastructure under scanning electron microscope (SEM) at different developmental stages. Methods The mites were cleaned with distilled water, then fixed with 2.5% glutaraldehyde solution and washed again by alcohol. At last the mites were dried by critical?point drying. The disposed mites were settled on the conductive double sided tape and scaned under SEM. Results The larvae had three pairs of legs and the genital area was under?developed. The male was similar with the female. There was a Grandjean’s organ in the front of basipodite of foot Ⅰ. Foot Ⅳ existed a tarsus sucker. Penis was like straight tube and the end of it was fork. There is a pair of suckers on both sides of anus. Three pairs of postanal seta almost aligned in the same line. The female adult mite slightly larger and had two pairs of postanal setae. Conclusion The description of the morphology and ultrastructure of A. ovatus mites provide important information for the taxonomy and further study of its life history.

Key words: Aleuroglyphus ovatus, Ultrastructure, Scanning electron microscopy

摘要: 目的 观察椭圆食粉螨生活史中各发育阶段外部形态和电镜下超微形态特征。 方法 将椭圆食粉螨洗涤干净后,用2.5%戊二醛固定、酒精洗涤、临界点干燥,置于导电双面胶上,整姿,在电镜下扫描观察。结果 幼螨3对足,且生殖系统尚未发育完全;雌雄成螨大体相似,足Ⅰ基节前方有一格氏器,足Ⅳ跗节有吸盘一对。雄成螨阳茎为直管状,末端分叉。肛门两侧有一对吸盘。3对肛后毛几乎排列在同一直线上;雌成螨体积略大,有2对肛后毛。讨论 对椭圆食粉螨电镜下的超微观察有助于对其进一步的科学分类和进行生活史研究。

关键词: 椭圆食粉螨, 超微结构, 扫描电镜

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