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Investigation of Enterobius vermicularis infection in children in Jiangxi Province in 2014

LAN Wei-ming| LIU Hong-yun| GAO Zu-lu| XU Jing| JIANG Wei-sheng| HUANG Cheng-jian| XIE Shu-ying| HANG Chun-qin| ZENG Xiao-jun*   

  1. Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Parasitic Diseases| Nanchang 330096| China
  • Online:2018-10-08 Published:2018-10-09
  • Contact: ZENG Xiao?jun



  1. 江西省寄生虫病防治研究所(南昌 330096)
  • 通讯作者: 曾小军
  • 作者简介:兰炜明|男|硕士|副研究员。研究方向:寄生虫病诊断与防治

Abstract: Objective To know the status of Enterobius vermicularis infection in children in Jiangxi Province in 2014, so as to provide the evidence for the formulation of prevention and control measures. Methods A survey was performed according to the scheme of the 3rd Principal Human Parasites of Jiangxi Province in 2014. Based on the ecological regions, a stratified cluster sampling method was applied by the economic and geographic situation. There were 84 survey sites from 28 counties, and the basic data were also collected in the different investigation sites, and the round?end tube adhesive cellophane anal swab was used to examine E. vermicularis eggs for the children aged 3-6 years. Results A total of 1 486 children aged 3-6 years were detected, the E. vermicularis infection rate was 13.73% (204/1 486), and the infection rates were 13.89% (114/821) and 13.53% (90/665) in the male and female, respectively. The infection rate in the different age groups showed a gradual rise then fall trend, the lowest infection rate was 10.05% (38/378) in the 3?year age group, and the highest infection rate was 18.24%([81/444]) in the 5?year age group. The infection rates in the high, medium and low?income survey sites were 13.79% (87/631), 17.23% (51/296), and 11.81% (66/559), respectively. The E. vermicularis infection rates in the 4 ecological regions were from 12.34% to 17.74%, but there was no significant difference among the different ecological regions ([P>0.05]). Conclusion The status of E. vermicularis infection in children in Jiangxi Province is relatively serious, and therefore, the parasitic disease control sectors should continue to strengthen the monitoring and control work of E. vermicularis infection in children.

Key words: Enterobius vermicularis; Children; Jiangxi Province

摘要: 目的 了解江西省儿童蛲虫感染情况,为制订防控措施提供依据。方法 以生态区为基础,按照经济条件和地理方位进行分层整群随机抽样,2014年共抽取江西省28个县(市、区)84个调查点进行调查,各调查点收集基本情况数据,3 ~ 6岁儿童采用圆底试管透明胶纸肛拭法定性检查蛲虫卵。 结果 全省共调查1 486名3 ~ 6岁儿童,蛲虫感染率为13.73%(204/1 486),男性和女性蛲虫感染率分别为13.89%(114/821)和13.53%(90/665)。不同年龄组儿童感染率呈现逐渐上升后又下降的趋势,3岁组感染率最低,为10.05%(38/378);5岁组感染率最高,为18.24%(81/444)。高、中和低收入调查点儿童蛲虫感染率分别为13.79%(87/631)、17.23%(51/296)和11.81%(66/559);4个生态区儿童蛲虫感染率为12.34% ~ 17.74%,各生态区儿童蛲虫感染率间差异无统计学意义(P > 0.05)。结论 江西省儿童蛲虫感染情况较重,寄生虫病防治机构应加强儿童蛲虫感染监测与控制工作。  

关键词: 蛲虫;儿童;江西省

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