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Prevalence of Clonorchis sinensis infection and effect of albendazole treatment among residents in two communities of Zhongshan City

ZHENG Ying-yan1*| XIE Ting-jun1| WANG Man2| FANG Yue-yi3| LUO Le2   

  1. 1 Zhongshan Torch High?tech Industrial Development Zone of Community Health Service Center| Guangdong Province| Zhongshan 528400| China; 2 Zhongshan Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention| Guangdong Province| China; 3 Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention| China
  • Online:2018-05-11 Published:2018-05-14



  1. 1 广东省中山市火炬高技术产业开发区社区卫生服务中心(中山 528400);2 广东省中山市疾病预防控制中心;3 广东省疾病预防控制中心
  • 作者简介:郑迎燕|女|本科|主管医师。研究方向:疾病控制

Abstract: Objective To understand the prevalence of Clonorchis sinensis infection among residents in two communities of Zhongshan City, and evaluate the effect of albendazole treatment, so as to offer the evidence for formulating the strategy of clonorchiasis prevention and control. Methods The stool specimens were collected from the residents of two comprehensive demonstration areas, and the eggs of C. sinensis were detected by Kato?Katz technique. Those who were tested positive were treated with albendazole (0.4, twice a day for 4 days in adults, and half dosage for children aged 16 years or below). Three weeks after the treatment, the stool specimens were recollected and retested to evaluate the effect. Results A total of 532 people were investigated and 96 were tested positive, with an infection rate of 18.05%. The infection rate was 28.63% (69/241) in the males and 9.28% (27/291) in the females, and there was a significant difference between them ([χ2] = 334.99, [P<0.01]). The infection rate increased with the increase of the age ([χ2] = 63.84,[ P<0.01]). Among the 96 positive residents, 94 received the albendazole treatment, and 86 were retested after the treatment with a negative conversion rate of 91.86% (79/86). Of the 7 residents without the conversion, 5 had irregular medication. No severe adverse reactions were reported during the period of treatment. Conclusions The infection rate of C. sinensis among residents in the two communities of Zhongshan City is high, especially among the males and aged people. The effect of albendazole is good in the treatment of C. sinensis infection. In the future, the general survey and treatment should be strengthened in order to lower the infection rate.

Key words: Clonorchis sinensis; Albendazole; Community; Zhongshan City

摘要: 目的 了解中山社区居民华支睾吸虫感染情况,评价阿苯达唑治疗的效果,为制定华支睾吸虫病防控策略提供科学依据。方法 在2个华支睾吸虫病防控综合示范区收集社区居民大便,采用改良加藤氏涂片法检查华支睾吸虫卵。对检查阳性者给予阿苯达唑片口服治疗, 2次/d,2片/次(0.2 g/片),连服4 d;16岁以下儿童剂量减半。治疗后3周收取第二份粪便进行复查。结果 共调查532人,感染96人,感染率为18.05%。男性、女性感染率分别为28.63%(69/241)和9.28%(27/291),差异有统计学意义([χ2] = 334.99,P < 0.01);感染率随着年龄的增长而上升,不同年龄组之间的感染率差异有统计学意义([χ2] = 63.84,P < 0.01)。96例感染者中参与治疗94例,参与复查86例。79例转阴,转阴率为91.86%。未转阴的7例中,5例存在不规律服药情况。参与治疗病人未报告严重不良反应。结论 中山市2个社区的居民,尤其是男性和高年龄人群华支睾吸虫感染率较高。阿苯达唑治疗效果较好,安全性较高。下一步应加强普查普治,降低居民感染率。

关键词: 华支睾吸虫;阿苯达唑;社区;中山市

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