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Investigation on current status of advanced schistosomiasis in Shanggao County

TAO Wu-ming1|MAO Yuan-hua2| HU Fei3|NING An3*   

  1. 1 Schistosomiasis Control Station of Shanggao County|Jiangxi Province|Shanggao 336400|China;2 Schistosomiasis Control Station of Xinjian County| Jiangxi Province| China; 3 Jiangxi Province Institute of Parasitic Diseases Control| China
  • Online:2014-12-22 Published:2014-12-23
  • Contact: NING An



  1. 1 江西省上高县血吸虫病防治站 (上高 336400); 2 江 西省新建县血吸虫病防治站; 3 江西省寄生虫病防治 研究所
  • 通讯作者: 宁安

Abstract: Objective Objective To understand the current status of advanced schistosomiasis patients, so as to provide the reference for improving the medical care of them in Shanggao County. Methods Methods The data of advanced patients in Shanggao County were collected from the Information Management System for the Advanced Schistosomiasis Chemotherapy and Assistance in Jiangxi Province,and a field survey including the epidemiological investigation,physical examinations,and B ultrasound examinations was performed in 2014. All the data were analyzed statistically and compared with those in 2010. Result Results s Among the 128 ad? vanced schistosomiasis patients,the male: female ratio was 2.46∶1,the average age was 68.02±6.19 years,and the patients old? er than 65 years contributed to 64.84% for the all. The proportions of clinically types of ascites,splenomegaly,multiple granulo? ma in the colon,dwarf,general,and haemorrhage were 57.81%,12.50%,2.34%,0,26.57%,and 0.78%,respectively. The ultrasound examinations revealed the average diameter of the main trunk of portal vein was 12.70±1.91mm in 2014,which was significantly broader than that of 12.05±0.34mm in 2010(P < 0.01) . Conclusions Conclusions The advanced schistosomiasis patents in Shanggao County decreases with years and shows an aging trend. Some advanced schistosomiasis patients are worse;therefore the chemotherapy and salvation work still should be strengthened.

Key words: Advanced schistosomiasis, Salvation of advanced schistosomiasis;Shanggao County

摘要: 目的 目的 掌握上高县晚期血吸虫病 (晚血) 病人现况, 为晚血治疗救助工作提供参考依据。方法 方法 收集 《江西省晚 期血吸虫病人治疗救助信息管理系统》 中上高县晚血病人数据和病历资料, 对在册病人进行现场流行病学调查、 体格检 查、 肝脾B超等核查, 整理核查数据, 并与4年前数据对比统计分析。结果 结果 128例晚血病人中, 男女比例为2.46 ∶1, 平均 年龄68.02±6.19岁, ≥ 65岁病人占64.84%; 临床分型腹水型、 巨脾型、 结肠增殖型、 侏儒型、 普通型、 出血型分别占 57.81%、 12.50%、 2.34%、 0、 26.57%、 0.78%。2014年B超检查显示平均门静脉主干内径为 (12.70±1.91)mm, 显著大于 2010年检查时的 (12.05±0.34)mm (t = 4.19, P<0.01)。结论 结论 上高县晚血病人年龄呈老龄化趋势, 部分病人病情可能连 续发展, 应加强救助。

关键词: 晚期血吸虫病; 晚血救助; 上高县

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