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Effect of Lep d2 from Lepidoglyphus destructor as a vaccine for specific immunotherapy in murine with asthma

LU Wei 1 | LI Na2 | XIE Jia-zheng1* |LI Chao-pin2*   

  1. 1 Department of Respiratory Medicine|Yijishan Hospital Affiliated to Wannan Medical College|Wuhu 241002|China;2 Depart? ment of Medical Parasitology|Wannan Medical College|China
  • Online:2014-12-22 Published:2014-12-23
  • Contact: XIE Jia?zheng,LI Chao?pin

害嗜鳞螨Ⅱ类变应原Lep d2对过敏性哮喘小鼠的免疫治疗效果分析


  1. 1 皖南医学院弋矶山医院呼吸内科 (芜湖 241002); 2皖南医学院医学寄生虫学教研室
  • 通讯作者: 谢家政,李朝品
  • 作者简介:陆维| 女| 硕士研究生。研究方向: 支气管哮喘免疫治疗
  • 基金资助:
    国家自然科学基金 (30872367、 81270091)

Abstract: Objective Objective To assess the effect of Lep d2 from Lepidoglyphus destructor as a vaccine for specific immunothera? py on murine model of asthma. Methods Methods Thirty BALB/c mice(SPF)were randomly categorized into a PBS group,an asthma group,and a Lep d2 SIT group. The mice in the asthma group and Lep d2 SIT group were sensitized by intraperitoneal injection with extracts of dust mites on Days 0,7th,and 14th,while those in the PBS group were injected with PBS. From the 21st day, the asthma group and Lep d2 SIT group exposed to the extracts of dust mites were stimulated by aerosol inhalation for 7 succes? sive days. During the period of the 25th-27th Day,the mice in Lep d2 SIT group were injected intraperitoneally with Lep d2 al? lergen for SIT 30 min before nasal inhalation,whereas the PBS group and asthma group were treated with only PBS. Twenty?four hours after the final inhalation,all the mice were sacrificed,the bronchoalveolar lavage fluids(BALFs)were collected. The lev? els of IFN?γ,IL?5 and IL?13 in the BALF and the supernatant of splenocyte culture solution(SSCS)as well as the levels of spe? cific IgE(sIgE)and sIgG2a in the sera were detected by ELISA. The lung tissues of the mice in the above 3 groups were stained by haematoxylin and eosin(H&E)and observed by a microscope. Results Results The symptoms of acute asthma attack were observed in the mice of the asthma group and Lep d2 group,but not in the PBS group. The allergic inflammation changes in lung in the Lep d2 SIT group were significantly alleviated compared with those in the asthma group. The concentrations of IFN?γ in BALFs and SSCS of the mice in the Lep d2 SIT group were significantly higher than those in the asthma group(both P < 0.01),while the levels of IL?5 and IL?13 in the former group were significantly lower than those in the latter group(all P < 0.01) . Mean? while,the level of sIgE of mice in the Lep d2 SIT group was significantly lower than those in the asthma group(P < 0.01),while the level of sIgG2a of mice in the former group was higher than those in the latter group(P < 0.01) . Conclusion Conclusion Lep d2 allergen as a vaccine can alleviate the allergic symptoms in the lung of mice effectively after allergen specific immunotherapy

Key words: Lepidoglyphus destructor; Allergen; Lep d2;Dust mite;Specific immunotherapy; Asthma

摘要: 目的 目的 探讨害嗜鳞螨Ⅱ类变应原Lep d2对尘螨致敏哮喘小鼠的特异性免疫治疗效果。方法 方法 将30只SPF级 BALB/c小鼠随机分为PBS组、 哮喘组、 Lep d2治疗组, 于实验开始时及实验第7、 14 天用尘螨提取液对哮喘组及Lep d2治 疗组小鼠腹腔注射致敏, 第21天开始雾化吸入激发, 连续7 d, 第25~27天开始, Lep d2免疫治疗组于雾化前30 min用 Lep d2变应原进行免疫治疗, PBS组及哮喘组用PBS进行腹腔注射及雾化吸入。最后1次雾化激发24 h后, 收集支气管 肺泡灌洗液 (BALF) 和血清, 并进行脾细胞培养。采用HE染色观察各组小鼠肺组织病理变化; 采用ELISA法测定BALF 和脾细胞培养液上清中IFN?γ、 IL?5、 IL?13及血清中特异性IgE (sIgE)、 sIgG2a抗体水平。结果 结果 哮喘组及Lep d2治疗组 小鼠出现哮喘急性发作症状, PBS组未出现该症状。哮喘组肺部炎性细胞浸润明显, PBS组及Lep d2治疗组肺部炎症较 轻。Lep d2治疗组BALF和脾细胞培养液上清中IFN?γ浓度均高于哮喘组 (P均<0.01), 但IL?5和IL?13浓度则均低于哮 喘组 (P均<0.01)。Lep d2治疗组sIgE抗体水平低于哮喘组 (P<0.01); 但sIgG2a抗体水平高于哮喘组 (P均<0.01)。结 结 论 论 害嗜鳞螨Ⅱ类变应原Lep d2疫苗可有效减轻哮喘小鼠肺部炎症。

关键词: 害嗜鳞螨; 变应原; Lep d2; 尘螨; 特异性免疫治疗; 哮喘

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