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Field evaluation of a novel plant molluscicide“Luo-wei”against Oncomelania hupensisⅠMolluscicidal effect by the spraying method in lake and marshland regions

JIA Tie-wu1 |SUN Le-ping2△|HONG Qing-biao2 |TAO Bo3 |CAI Jian-xin4 |LI Yue-sheng5 |LIN Dan-dan6 |YU Xin-lin5 |ZHOU Xiao-nong1*   

  1. 1 National Institute of Parasitic Diseases|Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention|WHO Collaborating Centre for Malar? ia|Schistosomiasis and Filariasis|Shanghai 200025|China;2 Jiangsu Institute of Schistosomiasis|Key Laboratory on Technolo? gy for Parasitic Disease Prevention and Control| Ministry of Health China;3 Xingzi Station of Schistosomiasis Control|China;4 Huarong Station of Schistosomiasis Control|China;5 Hunan Institute of Schistosomiasis|China;6 Jiangxi Institute of Parasitic Diseases|China
  • Online:2013-04-15 Published:2013-04-24
  • Contact: ZHOU Xiao-nong



  1. 1 中国疾病预防控制中心寄生虫病预防控制所| 世界卫生组织疟疾、 血吸虫病和丝虫病合作中心| 卫生部寄生虫病原与媒介生物学重点实验室 (上海 200025); 2 江苏省血吸虫病防治研究所、 卫生部寄生虫病预防与控制技术重点实验室; 3 江西省星子县血吸虫病防治站; 4 湖南省华容县血吸虫病防治工作领导小组办公室; 5湖南省血吸虫病防治所; 6 江西省寄生虫病防治研究所
  • 通讯作者: 周晓农
  • 作者简介:贾铁武| 男| 副研究员。研究方向: 寄生虫病防制策略
  • 基金资助:

    国家科技支撑计划 (2009BAI78B07); 国家重大科技专项 (2008ZX1004?11)


Objective To evaluate the field effect of a novel plant molluscicide“Luo ?wei” (Tea ? seed distilled saponins, TDS)against Oncomelania hupensis in the lake and marshland regions. Methods A spraying experiment was carried out in the grassland of two schistosomiasis endemic counties,including Xingzi in Jiangxi Province and the Huarong in Hunan Province,to assess the molluscicidal effect of 4% TDS comparing with 50% wettable powder of niclosamide ethanolamine salt(WPN) . The χ2 test was used to examine the differences between regions,molluscicides,or days after spraying. Results Following 1,3,7,and 15 days of test,the snail mortality showed a simultaneous increase both in TDS group(70.43%-86.88%)and WPN group (70.21%-85.35%) . There is no significant difference between TDS and WPN of day 1,7 and 15(all P values > 0.05),but except for day 3(χ2 =3.910,P = 0.048) . By the end of day 15,the snail mortality for TDS was 86.53% in Xingzi and 88.28% in Hua? rong,while for WPN was 83.04% in Xingzi and 93.69% in Huarong respectively;the decline rate of snail density for TDS was 85.29% in Xingzi and 93.53% in Huarong,while for WPN was 85.29% in Xingzi and 93.53% in Huarong respectively. The adjust? ed mortality of different days ranged from 69.63% to 86.54% in the the TDS group,and 69.41% to 86.54% in the WPN group. Conclusion The molluscicidal effect of TDS by spraying is similar to that of WPN. It is time to popularize this new plant mollusci? cide(TDS)in a wider field.

Key words: Oncomelania hupensis;Luo?wei;Tea?seed distilled saponins(TDS);Niclosamide ethanolamine salt;Mollus? cicidal effect;Plant molluscicide;Field evaluation


目的 目的 评价植物杀螺剂4%螺威 (TDS) 在湖沼地区现场灭螺效果, 为大规模现场应用提供科学依据。方法 方法 在江西省星子县和湖南省华容县各选择1个环境采用5 g/m2 TDS进行喷洒灭螺试验, 并与2 g/m2 50%氯硝柳胺乙醇胺盐 (WPN)进行对比观察, 统计分析不同地区、 不同药物、 不同时间现场杀螺效果。结果 结果 星子和华容2个现场灭螺后 1、 3、 7、 15 d, TDS组与WPN组钉螺死亡率总体均呈逐渐升高趋势。灭螺后15 d, 星子现场TDS组与WPN组钉螺死亡率分别为86.53% 和83.04%, 华容现场TDS组与WPN组钉螺死亡率分别为88.28%和93.69%; 星子和华容现场TDS组活螺密度下降率分别为 88.86%和87.99%, WPN组活螺密度下降率分别为85.29%和93.53%。结论 结论 TDS在湖沼型血吸虫病流行区现场杀螺效果较好, 具备了开展现场推广应用的条件。

关键词: 钉螺; 螺威; 氯硝柳胺乙醇胺盐; 杀螺效果; 植物杀螺剂; 现场评价

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