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Research progress in phosphoglycerate mutase

WANG Fen1|LI Run-hua2|YIN Guo-rong1*   

  1. 1 Department of Parasitology|Shanxi Medical University| Taiyuan 030001| China;2 Department of Biology| Taiyuan Normal University| China
  • Online:2012-06-20 Published:2012-06-21
  • Contact: YIN Guo?rong



  1. 1 山西医科大学寄生虫学教研室 (太原 030001); 2 太原师范学院生物系
  • 通讯作者: 殷国荣
  • 作者简介:王芬|女|硕士。研究方向:生物工程疫苗研究
  • 基金资助:

    国家自然科学基金 (81071374)


Phosphoglycerate mutase(PGAM)is one of glycolytic enzymes,concerning with the transport of carbohydrates, metabolism,catalytic activity and growth development. PGAM was discovered in yeast firstly,and with its amino acid sequence and crystal structure determined,this protein was found in varies organism,such as human,Escherichia coli,Schistosoma japoni? cum and Toxoplasma gondii. This article reviews the physico?chemical property and research progress of PGAM of vertebrate,in? vertebrate and protozoa.

Key words: Phosphoglycerate mutase; Glycolytic enzyme; Toxoplasma gondii


磷酸甘油酸变位酶 (PGAM) 是一种糖酵解酶, 与碳水化合物转运、 新陈代谢、 催化活性及生长发育有关。PGAM首先在酵母中发现, 随着其氨基酸序列和晶体结构的发现, 在人、 大肠埃希菌、 日本血吸虫和刚地弓形虫等多种生物体中发现该蛋白。本文综述了来源于脊椎动物、 无脊椎动物、 原生动物等的PGAM蛋白的理化性质及其研究进展。

关键词: 磷酸甘油酸变位酶; 糖酵解酶; 刚地弓形虫

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