Chin J Schisto Control ›› 2016, Vol. 28 ›› Issue (4): 470-471.DOI: 10.16250/j.32.1374.2016121

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Clinical characteristics of 96 patients with advanced schistosomiasis in Yingcheng City

ZHU Yi * | JI Min   

  1. Yingcheng Hospital of Schistosomiasis Control| Hubei Province| Yingcheng 432400|China
  • Online:2016-08-24 Published:2016-08-25



  1. 湖北省应城市血防医院 (应城 432400)
  • 作者简介:朱溢| 男| 主治医师。研究方向: 血吸虫病流行病学

Abstract: Objective Objective To understand the clinical characteristics of patients with advanced schistosomiasis in Yingcheng City,so as to provide evidences for the assistance work of advanced schistosomiasis. Methods Methods The clinical data of all the ad? vanced schistosomiasis patients in Yingcheng City were collected and analyzed. Results Results Up to December 30,2014,there were 96 advanced schistosomiasis patients in Yingcheng City,among which,68 cases(70.8%)were male,28 cases(29.2%) were female,and their average age was 64.2 years. Most of the patients(90.6%)were ascitic type,followed by splenomegaly type(5.2%),colon proliferation type(2.1%),and dwarf type(2.1%) . Totally 48 cases(50.0%)were positive in immunologi? cal detections,among which 8 cases(8.3%)were positive in ELISA and 12 cases(12.5%)were positive in IHA. For all the 4 indexes of hepatic fibrosis(HA,LN,CIV and PCⅢ),only 15 cases(15.6%)were normal. Conclusions Conclusions Though Yingcheng City has reached the criteria of transmission control,the hepatic fibrosis of some patients continues to progress. Therefore,the intensity of the treatment and assistance could not be weakened, especially for those of the ascitic type patients.

Key words: Advanced schistosomiasis;Clinical characteristic;Hepatic fibrosis;Ascitic type;Yingcheng City

摘要: 目的 目的 掌握应城市晚期血吸虫病 (晚血) 患者的基本情况, 为做好晚血救治工作提供依据。方法 方法 收集应城市 晚血患者临床资料, 进行分析。结果 结果 截至2014年12月30日, 该市共有晚血患者96例, 其中男性68例 (70.8%)、 女性28 例 (29.2%), 平均年龄64.2岁; 晚血分型以腹水型为主 (90.6%), 巨脾型次之 (5.2%), 结肠增殖型、 侏儒型各占2.1%。血吸 虫病免疫学检测阳性者48例 (50.0%), ELISA、 IHA单项阳性者分别为8例 (8.3%) 和12例 (12.5%), 肝纤维化4项 (HA、 LN、 CIV及PCⅢ) 均正常者15例 (15.6%)。结论 结论 应城市虽已达到传播控制标准, 但部分晚血患者肝纤维化持续进展, 因 此救治措施和力度尚不能减弱, 尤其是对腹水型患者的治疗及救助工作。

关键词: 晚期血吸虫病; 临床特征; 肝纤维化; 腹水型; 应城市

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