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Composition and diversity of Acaroid mites' communities in indoor environments of kindergartens inWuhu City

LIU Ting| WANG Shao-sheng| ZHAN Xiao-dong| SUN En-tao| ZHOU Shu-lin*   

  1. Department of Parasitology|Wannan Medical College| Anhui Province|Wuhu 241000| China
  • Online:2015-06-16 Published:2015-06-16
  • Contact: ZHOU Shu?lin



  1. 皖南医学院医学寄生虫学教研室 (芜湖 241002)
  • 通讯作者: 周书林
  • 作者简介:刘婷, 女, 博士研究生, 讲师。研究方向: 粉螨生态学
  • 基金资助:
    安徽省自然科学基金 (11040606M214); 安徽省教育厅项目 (2012SQRL125)

Abstract: Objective Objective To understand the breeding situation of Acaroid mites in indoor environments of kindergartens in Wuhu City,so as to provide the evidence for its prevention and control. Methods Methods From March to June and September to De? cember in 2014,dust samples were collected from 15 kindergartens of 3 ranks every month. Acaroid mites in the samples were isolated,identified and counted. Results Results Totally 360 samples were selected,and 169 samples(46.94%)had mite infestation. Pyroglyphidae accounted for the most in the population,with the breeding rate of 45.00%. Totally 18 504 mites were found,and Dermatophagoides farina and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus were the dominant species,with the composition ratios of 30.21% (5 590 mites)and 17.83%(3 300 mites),respectively. The third?ranked kindergartens were in the most serious situation con? cerning with 81.67%(98/120)of the breeding rate of Acaroid mites. The differences were statistically significant among the kin? dergartens with different ranks(F = 6.048,χ2 = 73.523,both P < 0.05) . There were no significant differences about the Aca? roid mite population among different grades in kindergartens(F = 0.132,χ2 = 2.377,both P > 0.05) . Conclusion Conclusion Acaroid mites in the kindergartens in Wuhu City were in serious condition,and the population and species composition of Acaroid mite community is influenced by the human behavior and indoors environments.

Key words: Acaroid mite; Kindergarten; Community composition; Diversity; Wuhu City

摘要: 目的 目的 了解芜湖市幼儿园室内环境粉螨孳生情况, 为其防控提供科学依据。 方法 方法 于2014年3-6月和9-12 月, 收集芜湖市3个不同级别各5所幼儿园室内粉尘样品, 分离粉螨并鉴定、 计数。 结果 结果 共调查样本360份, 粉螨阳性 样本169份 (46.94%)。麦食螨科 (Pyroglyphidae) 在种群数量上最多, 孳生率达45.00%。检出螨虫18 504头, 其中粉尘螨 (Dermatophagoides farinae) 和屋尘螨(Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus)较多, 分别占30.21%(5 590头)和17.83%(3 300 头)。三级幼儿园粉螨孳生严重, 孳生率达81.67% (98/120)。各级别幼儿园粉螨孳生密度及孳生率间差异均有统计学意 义 (F = 6.048,χ2 = 73.523, P均 < 0.05)。幼儿园各年级粉螨孳生密度及孳生率间差异均无统计学意义 (F = 0.132,χ2 = 2.377, P均 > 0.05)。 结论 结论 芜湖市幼儿园室内粉螨孳生情况严重, 种群数量及其丰富度与室内环境和人类活动的关系 密切。

关键词: 粉螨; 幼儿园; 群落组成; 多样性; 芜湖市

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